Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ladies, check 'em!

Something I've kept rather close to my chest up until now was the little scare I got.  Of all days, my wedding day while getting ready (in the shower) I found a lump quite by accident in my breast.

I do remember from time to time to do self-checks and so I knew right away that this was something new, and not 'typical' in the way it felt.  What a shitty thing to find on your wedding day, right?

So right around the same time work was insanely busy making getting in touch with my doctor pretty much impossible, plus to be honest I think I was kind of hoping that the lump might go away, but it didn't and so after a few weeks I took the first step, hightailing it out of work and managing to see my doctor before his clinic closed for the day.  He didn't say much but scheduled me for a mammogram and echography (for both boobs, just to be safe.)

Walking around waiting for the day of your appointment thinking you might have something that could kill you in your chest is certainly something that can mess with you, but I made it to the day, and fortunately it was nothing to be concerned about.  The doctor did explain to me what it was, but of course since it was in French and I was pretty much not listening quite as well after he said it wasn't serious, I can't say I was attentive enough to translate for you now.  I was kind of just in a moment of relief while paying further attention to make sure that though it wasn't deadly that it wasn't even something remotely serious either.  Which it wasn't (phew.)  Something to do with glands of the lactation system.  But he assured me I'd done the right thing in checking, because he sometimes sees young ladies who think "It's nothing", until it's a little too late and they realize it is something.  So here's your PSA from me: Check 'em from time to time.  Even if it's not the perfect time of the month to do so, do it when you remember.  You may one day be glad you took the time to get to know yourself well enough that you can recognize "something different" early on.

And PS - Mammograms really aren't painful.  Uncomfortable, ok, yeah, but not really painful.

Also, interesting fact - a breast exam here consists of you standing while the doctor kind of jiggles your breasts as he goes through the checking pattern, mine was seated with his head at about... oh, breast-level I'd say.  So that was a bit of an odd moment.  I must say compared to the less lively check-method of my doctor back home, I was surprised and had to wonder if this was really legit.  Mind you, I suppose it makes the doctor's job more... fun?

So yes, there, as far as I know I'm not slated for early demise.  There will be more summary and sporadic blog entries to come, Huzzah!

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