Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fast forward 16 months.

Things have changed, stuff has happened.

Boyfriend got offered an amazing work assignment abroad, and we decided it'd be stupid to say no to the opportunity, so abroad he went.

I followed, (so I suppose I did escape for a bit) settling in nearby with my sister's family.  6 months with family might drive some of you nuts, but it was totally awesome for me.  I'd missed them SO much, and it was so great to have the luxury of time, to just hang out and have continuity to events, conversations, etc.  That and when boyfriend had time off he could be there too :)

We came back here to Belgeland, and it was as though it had gone by in a blink.  Things here have been pretty intense since.  I got hired by a big ol' chocolate company where I currently work as a chocolatier in R&D.  It's pretty amazing (and sadly for the blog highly confidential.)  So that's pretty much all I can say about it!

The boy and I got married!  Well, first we got engaged right around the time I wrote the last entry, and then engaged ourselves in the necessary paper-chase to be allowed to get married here.  (That time abroad spent with family was also quite useful for chasing down the necessary papers.)  When I think about how much we've evolved as a team in the past 2 years particularly, I'm really happy.  It's not something I shared much of on the blog (probably because I started respecting his privacy a bit more,) but fights are quite rare, and when things do flare up it no longer feels like the world has been turned upside down and inside out, it feels like two partners frustrated, trying to solve the misunderstanding.  We totally want to get old and crotchety together, and so that's what we're working on.  As long as nobody kicks the bucket prematurely, I'm fairly sure we'll get there.

As for the rest, it can wait for other days and other entries.  Life is very busy right now, and keeping things in balance is certainly the challenge of late, so I'll be keeping it kind of bite size and sporadic around here I think.  

Funny how so much can be summed up in just a few phrases.

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Efrutik said...

Jessica! This is Efrutik. I have evolved through two blogs since we last talked and have managed to leave behind a life in Germany so Europe did happen for me, hihi. I literally was thinking of you maybe about a month or less ago - at least a few weeks ago - and reminiscing about your blog. What a pleasant surprise to see you back. Even if sporadic. Welcome! And congratulations on the relationship update as well as your move and new job. Very happy to see a familiar face in the bloggersphere!

Happy 2014!