Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dreaming in cake.

Where were we?  Ah yes, I had just gotten into Pastry school, and then big ol' socialist Hollande became president of France, and then Angela Merkel vomited in her mouth a little.

And all the while as the news has unfolded, I've been blissfully, finally doing things I like.  Blissfully, finally.  School's been mostly awesome.  My understanding and technical execution of pastry is evolving waaaay faster than it would have if you'd left me in a room full of pastry books and food to survive on for the same period, which I think means the school is a decent one.

I'm incredibly excited and nervous for my stage (think: temporary "kitchen intern" placement.)  I kind of need to pinch myself when I think I'm going to be allowed into this kitchen.  It's exciting because it's a pâtissier and a company I really respect and that I've always wanted to see the inner workings of, but it makes me terribly nervous because well... they're awesome and ninja-like, and I'm not a ninja.  I'm a grasshopper... larva.  Please god don't let me suck.  I'm like each character in "A Chorus Line" at some point in the day when I consider my upcoming stage.  Completely insecure and absolutely hopeful that it will work out.

I dreamt of cake for the first time last night.  Normally (if I dream) I dream of working with chocolate, but last night after googling "melon garnishes" and sketching a few mentally for myself, it was a REM construction consisting of layers of Biscuit Joconde, crème bavarois, and fruit coulis/gelee.  Pastry school is having it's effects on me, it seems.  :)