Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A breath of fresh air

Good things have been happening here lately, and it feels as though I'm arriving at the more spacious and well lit end of the proverbial tunnel.  I can breathe.  *happy sigh*

What's good?

1) The great Belgian paper-chase has come to an almost-resolution.  I finally have the papers I need from my ex-employer and I finally have a "status".  It is nice to know I'm not facing starvation just yet.

2) Some super-duper educational opportunities I'd been going after have been offering themselves up via my mailbox and email inbox.  To get into the one of them, I'll have to pass a French test, a Math test, and shine in a personal interview.  It's a great opportunity, so today I went and got study materials because I just need to make sure I'm not stupid, or at least to give myself a little time to try and correct the stupid if it turns out I am.

3) We found a decent sushi place on the outskirts of Liège!  Hello maki, my old friend, I've come to omnomnom you again.

4) The Boy and Hobbes have tuned into each other and bonded, and there is very little tension in the house now that The Boy believes he has "the most beautiful kitty ever".

(To be fair, I don't think Hobbes is the most beautiful kitty ever, or the most intelligent, but the little freak makes me laugh when he's not driving me mad with his ridiculous doings, so he can stay.)

(...For the record, my kitty in Toronto is the most beautiful, sweet-tempered and intelligent kitty ever.  And the softest.)

5)  We are going to Rotterdam!  I've wanted to see Rotterdam for awhile now, so I'm pretty hyped about that.

6) My imagination has been firing more regularly and this pleases me immensely.  Good things are coming of this, I have been a busy bee, and though I'm too shy to share more about this for the moment, it'll come in time.

7) Rhubarb showed up in the grocery store!  There are baby bunnies in the park!  The air smells nicer!  Spring is springing!

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