Monday, February 6, 2012

Speaking of more complex reading materials...

Today and the several days before it have been filled with reading; A little for pleasure, but mostly I've been reading things more complex, dry yet informative things.  It's been quiet here, and I'm happy that my focus has been good as it's letting me get things done that need to be done.

Speaking of more complex reading materials, this came a bit ago in the mail.

LE excite.

At the moment, with a big stack of other things that take priority, I'm not entirely sure when I'll have the chance to dive into it... but something tells me that this will be one of the French books I'll say I'm happiest to have read, even years and years from now.


Efrutik said...

Good God, I miss reading. Hope you find the time sooner or later!

On another note, heading to Canada (Montreal to be exact) next week. Any tips ?

Jessica said...

Montreal: Definitely poutine... there is great poutine to be had in montreal, even for the vegans! If you are there for the weekend market (ugh... can't remember the name) it's worth the metro trip north a few stops from downtown to visit.

If the weather is something you can deal with while there, take a walk and your camera, Montreal is beautiful, and unexpectedly colourful in places.

Have fun!