Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pinterest: Calorie-Free! Therapeutic! Prozac for the visually oriented!

Oh hello Saturday night at home.  Just you, me, what remains of my bottle of Marshmallow Fluff, and Pinterest.  Nothing but salve on top of salve to help me forget the fact that I have a unmissable "fever-blister" on my lower lip and am generally feeling too horrid to leave the house.

Pinterest is a virtual opium den.  Scrolling glassy-eyed through it is calming, and judging by some of the things I see people post, it can be addictive.  I can only spend so much time on it before the tranquility wears off, but I do find it enjoyable.  I could see it being useful for planning large things in life, like weddings, house decor and such.  I use my boards for recipe ideas, or art inspiration, there is one to collect quotes I like, but my favourite board is the one where I'm amassing a collection of things I find pleasing to look at. It's quickly becoming a little breathing space for me, a place full of good things that impart good feelings, my tiny closet filled with gentle sunshine on the web.

And why wouldn't that be addictive for some?  It's like building your own prozac.  There is certainly something to an online space where by collecting things you like, you share your 'good things' with others...  There's a positivity to the way that system functions.  Unless you decide to collect things you really don't like, but most of us aren't wired like that, are we?  Anyhow, I imagine it's the healthiest way I've found to escape for a moment or two to something more interesting, inspiring or fantastic than whatever is on hand.

Whimsical, uplifting... it's right up there with Marshmallow Fluff.  And you'll still fit into your pants no matter how much Pinterest you've been helping yourself to.  Now if only it could help me get rid of this horrid cold-sore.

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