Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's funny, after the weekend most blogs are "Look! This is the fabulous thing I did this weekend!" and I'm all: "It's Tuesday?"

I have been busy, but it's a true jumble.  I've been truly, crappily "I can't breathe" sick, and with cold sore.  I've been inching closer to the most perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, and the second edition of the cake discussed below was made, measurements recorded, and I'm pretty sure the third edition will have me feeling confident enough to put out a recipe.  That's always nice because you know what?  I'm not so good at finishing the things I start.  Or rather I am, but usually it takes me SO LONG to finish the things I start that it just seems like they will never be finished.  It's only because I have like, a zillion projects on the go at the same time, and am bad at limiting myself down to a few.  I should just add that this is in my personal sphere.  In the professional one I'm all: "woo, look at me go, done already, whatelseyougot?"  But since I'm not working at the moment...

I've believe I have managed to book myself into a training opportunity in pâtisserie, which if it happens will be very helpful, given that I have no "Belgian educational qualifications" in this field.

It's funny because the lady on the phone confirmed that I was booked in, and then a few days later I received a notice saying my request was received and I should receive confirmation shortly that I am, indeed, booked in, but I still haven't received my second letter of confirmation.  It's why I say "I believe I have managed".  I've learned after several painful experiences not to trust that anything in this country actually exists or will exist in the way everyone says it should, until it is firmly in my OWN hand.  In the meantime, I keep scanning the horizon, investigating work related things, and playing my part in the great Belgian paperchase, all while trying to keep myself from considering for too long the question "what are you doing here?"  That one's dangerous for the moment, since I'm kind of in the middle of I don't know what.

I had someone call me this week who was very interested in my chocolate abilities, and we were both very pleased because everything seemed to line up well with the nature of the job and my skills, and then we were both very dismayed because I have no means of transport right now other than public transit and my legs, and their facility is in the middle of nowhere.  So essentially a perfect job slipped just between my fingers, and caused me to realize I might finally have to suck it up and see about getting my drivers license here.  I hate driving.  Sooo much.  Can't I just ... rent a horse or something?


Jennifer said...

Oh, man. Sorry you're ill. Congrats on the entry (or almost entry?) to the course.

As for transport - what about a bike? You are in Belgium! Or is it too far?

Jessica said...

In this case it really is, otherwise I'd have insisted (as I have before to shocked Belgians,) that Canadians are quite comfortable making insane commutes and in pretty much all weather conditions.

As for biking, it's not a bad country for it overall, but the infrastructure in the southern half of the country is really one that reveals the predominant mentality in Wallonia that bikes are for recreation. There isn't a continuous path or lane structure in place down here for bikes to be used as a valid form of transportation, sadly, and the part of the roads a bike would be on is often in crap shape/unsafe.

So we'll see. In the meantime, looks like I'll be reading up on the traffic laws here. : /