Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ghetto Hikes

While I'm tinkering in the kitchen today with that cake recipe, I will steer your attention to Ghetto Hikes,  one of my fave 'new blog' discovery of this year.

"Mr. Cody, hook me up wit a glue stick Imma cut and paste this f*ckin orange leaf into my memories book."

Some (possibly many) of you may never have had the 'opportunity' to spend time in Americas 'urban' neighbourhoods, but I will tell you that my ex grew up in one as part of a financially disadvantaged family, and the first years of our relationship saw me spending a fair amount of time visiting in 'the hood', overhearing things rather like what the kids on Ghetto Hikes say.

"Rocks, sticks, rivers needa come out here with my f*ckin art supplies, paint alllllll this beautiful sh!t"

It might seem unreal, and some things that happen in the ghetto really are unbelievable, like the (first) time the man behind the counter at the corner store placed a bunch of coins on the counter and asked me to make the change for myself, because (as he said, rather matter-of-factly,) he'd just been smoking crack and couldn't figure it out for himself.

"Crazy sh!t out here in da wild, feel likes Imma catch diabetes or some sh!t".

  I like that it's got the funny thing going for it while adding a human dimension to a section of Americas demographic that is otherwise portrayed quite one-dimensionally in the media.  The writers choice of excerpts shows not only the things these kids don't know, but also the stuff they do know and appreciate despite their lack of education.  So today Ghetto Hikes is getting a little link love from me.

Make with the clicking!

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demon w sieci said...

wow, quite a heavy stuff! with my highschool graduate level australian english I can hardly comprehend such a language... ;-)