Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Story according to someone else in the same office

I am officially a "job-seeker".  The lovely lady I consulted with at the FOREM offices informed me (contrary to the one I spoke to last week,) that the employer doesn't actually have to provide the C4 document until the end of the "periode de préavis".  This basically means that I can't expect to see this paper until the end of December, or to be more realistic (since there is the whole "periode des fêtes" at the end of December and offices are closed more frequently at this time of year,) that I'll likely see it (hopefully) before January is half-finished.  Yeesh.

BUT... at least I'm in the system.  Which is good... I think?  I'll find out in the nearish future (at another FOREM office) what exactly being "in the system" is good for as far as education or trades-certification type of stuff is concerned, and in the meantime I'll be doing a little research and figuring on my own as I try to determine my next steps.

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