Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Somewhere in the world, Gloria Gaynor is humming.

Physio has begun!  After my first session, I was pretty sore.  For a few days, actually.
Pretty much up until my second session.

After my second (yesterday,) I'm sore, but less so than last time.  Some of what's being done in physio are movements that stretch out my spine.  While this is of course necessary, it's certainly uncomfortable and makes me feel for a day or two like my spine isn't 'stable' enough to handle any complicated, quick, or poundy movements, meaning I haven't dared to try jogging since physio started.  As I'm being treated twice a week there are essentially only 1 or 2 days during the week where I seem to be in decent functional capacity.  The result of this is that while my back is moving along toward a better state of affairs (I hope,) progress with things I'm trying to tackle around the house (such as making candy, organizing my soon-to-be studio, and so on,) have ground to a halt for now.  Next session is Thursday, so hopefully I'll feel 'right' enough tomorrow to jog, even if it's only a little.

I've finally seen my severance pay from work, and have finally been paid for the time I wasn't working by my mutualité, so now I'm just waiting on the official package of "you no longer have a contract with us" documents (otherwise known as the C4) to arrive from the hotel so that I can register in the Belgian system as a "job seeker" and get to the business of getting back on the horse as it were, however that works here.  My little bits of research into this system over the past few days only reveal to me that this process (like many things in Belgium,) looks mighty labyrinthine.  That, and Belgium needs more nurses, physiotherapists, boulangers, patissiers, and chocolatiers.  Did you catch that?  BELGIUM officially needs more chocolatiers.  Who knew?

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