Monday, November 21, 2011

A day of reckoning.

In less than an hour I'll be on my way to the hospital.  I'll hear about my spinal MRI, will be given further instructions about continuing with physiotherapy and/or osteopathic treatments, and I'll find out if I'm being given the OK to go back to work.  I'm pretty sure that I'll be given the green light for work, so then I'll be making a call to the hotel to see about being put back into the schedule.

It should be interesting considering the whole shady deal my manager created by lying to HIS boss (my "big boss") and the insurance companies for the hotel in saying I never reported being hurt.  I'm curious to see how I'll be received at the hotel.  I'm interested to see if the hotel's insurance companies will want to take my doctor up on his offer to prepare them a dossier, so they can see that from DAY 1, this injury has been classified as a work-accident, and rightly so.  We'll see I suppose.

The good thing about my going back (aside from life finally, hopefully returning to something closer to normal,) is that I work alone for a sizeable chunk of every day, when I'm not dealing with clients.  Given that this is the case, it should be pretty easy to spot if someone at the hotel has decided to try and punish me for getting hurt by making me feel 'unwelcomed back'; they'd have to go out of their way consistently to make that sort of effort.  Again, we'll see.

I'm hopeful that anyone who inititally bought my managers lies will have had the time to let logic prevail, and to realize that even though my manager tried to convince them that I was just making "a big deal about a backache" and "trying to take time off with benefits", that in fact 4 different doctors wouldn't have kept me off work for more than 2 months if this were truly the case.  In reality, I'm still not at the point of physical strength I was before I got hurt, but I'm ok enough now to go back to work I think, and I want to.  While some might welcome a break from work, I've been pretty bored and frustrated over this period of time away from work.  Back problems are nothing at all like a rest or a vacation.

I'm really anxious to bring this whole nightmare of a situation to a close, and to finally, FINALLY (after more than 2 months of waiting,) have a better sense of what's going on, in general, with me and my life.  Cross your fingers with me for a second?

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