Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Curt update

I've got a pounding head today.  Headaches like this bring out the evil in me, so essentially I'm trying to keep to myself, keep quiet and do things I find calming, like making cookies, reading and so on.  It's not working really though.  After making a mousse for dessert tonight and cookie dough to roll out and cut later, I still feel stabby.

I attribute it to too much wine.  Friday we split a bottle with dinner, but since the boy is sick and since I hadn't had anything to drink in a bit, it hit us both a little harder than it ought to have.

Saturday was le Rallye du Condroz.  We went to check it out and indulged in a few vin-chauds during the day.  We only had the chance to catch 2 of the races though before it was time for us to go home and get ready for a friend's birthday party.  Which was at a wine bar, and was open-bar.

We each had 3 vin-chauds during the day at Rally and both took it pretty easy at the party, but despite that neither of us is feeling stellar today.  Bleh.  My brain is pickled.  I suppose I should be grateful anyhow, as at least I left the Rally alive.

The boy is STILL stick.
And he STILL doesn't cover his mouth when coughing, which is disgusting.  It is a miracle I haven't caught his nasty disease.  *knocks wood*


Goddess Findings said...

Woops, Im sorry, not the brooch, the rings....Im so sorry, have just done a bunch of different pieces and they are all running together....please email me, I've just completed an interview with the artist, and got the SCOOP on these rings, they are NOT expensive and all custom done!!! cheers, J

Jessica said...

Sweet! I will when I can find a good excuse to have such an awesome ring. I checked back on your blog and saw the prices in the comments (seriously pleasant surprise.) I think it's the most beautiful work I've seen a jeweller do with stones.