Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Neurotic ramblings

Day two of waking up feeling somewhat decent.  Since I felt alright-ish yesterday, I took on the Osteo's advice of giving a few 'real life things' a try.

I washed the dishes (nothing heavy yet though.)  I vacuumed the house!  (I never thought that sentence would deserve an exclamation point, but there it is.)  After that though, my back was giving signals from THE problem area, like "no further, or I'll get angry", so I stopped and did less active things after.  The vacuum borders on being heavy however, and the Osteo did say I'm not ready to deal with anything heavy yet, so maybe I was pushing a little too much?

But still... I did things!  And I'm not in great pain today!  So today I'm going to try and put a little more faith into what the Osteo said and try "a little jog."  I'm serious, the OSTEOPATH told me to give a little light jogging a try along with a few 'regular life activities' and report back to him for the next appointment on how it went.  I see him tomorrow, so I'll try to go for a kilometre or two, niiice and eeeasy.  If it doesn't go well, at least since I see him tomorrow if I'm in pain hopefully he can fix it.  *nervous face*

I still find it hard to believe that a blockage of the rib could be "IT"... but maybe it is?  After all, the ribs are connected to the vertebrae, so if a rib moves out of place, it could tug a vertebra just enough out of place to cause pain and irritation, I guess?

???  He's the doctor, I'm not.  I just have to remind myself of this when I'm being 'adjusted'.  I still wonder though why "the" place in my back gets SO angry when it's poked by doctors, while no other place on my spine reacts like that.  Hopefully he has an explanation that makes sense for this.  In any case, I feel better putting a little more faith in the Osteo since the specialist has said that for now I can continue with Osteopathy if it seems to be helping.  The specialist said the MRI is just to be sure there isn't anything else like the beginnings of a herniated disc contributing to this whole back-problem, and to close out the file, to be sure that if the Osteo gives the green-light to go back to work that there won't be any complications due to something not seen in the first scan.  Which sounds ... sort of reassuring?  I'd like to think?

Maybe a rib displacement really is the problem.  Whatever.  If I can jog today, I'll know I'm heading in the right direction toward being able to DO STUFF again.  Of course, someone else who is mildly skeptical about the rib-diagnosis has also pointed out to me that I have already had 6 weeks off, doing nothing, (which is a pretty long time,)  so maybe I'm just getting better naturally from giving my back a good rest for 6 weeks.  Even the osteopath did mention that my body had already done some "auto-healing", and said he could tell that a few weeks before I'd seen him it must have felt much worse.  I guess we'll see if I have even more noticeable improvement after my adjustment tomorrow.

Gah.  My head is turning all this stuff around, and won't stop.

Well, no matter if it's the rib or something else, or a combo of things, I'm glad at least that my doctors are being cautious and making sure that I'm in proper physical form to go and take on life in the same manner I did before, and that there aren't other issues before closing the case.  As much as I miss living life, being active and working like a normal person, I NEVER, EVER want to have this kind of injury again, so I'm really grateful they seem to have the same goal.  I sound like a real brat I'm sure when I say this, but this is actually the worst injury I've had in my life.  My quality of life has been crap for the past 6 weeks.  Protect your back always, ladies and gents, please.  You only get one, and it's attached to everything else in your life.

I'm pretty worried about the recommendation to try jogging though.  I'm still having trouble walking at my normal speed, with painful twinges shooting up my spine when I try. : /  But there is no way to know other than to try, I suppose.  Wish me luck?

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