Friday, October 28, 2011

The light at the end of the tunnel

Which is easier?  Mopping the floor, or jogging 1km?

Believe it or not, the answer (for me, surprisingly,) was jogging 1km.

I was guessing that when I asked the Osteopath he'd probably say something about how my spine is straight in one action (jogging) while force is applied to it, and in the other (mopping,) it's bent meaning the force isn't being distributed evenly across the back making it more vulnerable in certain places, or something.  Actually, he did say something like that, (and then added in a bunch of other things having to do with centre of gravity, ribcage expansion vs compression in the motions, and so on.)

Then we talked about why it was that though I could jog a kilometre without feeling major twinges and pain... I still couldn't walk one quickly without that happening.  In this case he said it has to do with the fact that my feet are spending less time on the ground when I jog, so I'm not actually jerking my spine around with side-to-side forces from my feet as much as when I walk, not to mention the centre of gravity is forward when jogging, and the place of maximum shock to the spine (travelling up from a different heel-strike between the two activities) also changes the game there.  Neat.  Also: who knew a light jog was biomechanically easier than a brisk walk?  Oh yeah, probably competitive race-walkers, actually.  Anyhow, I learned something.

I've been adjusted again (As a sidenote: I don't think I'll ever really feel ok though about being twisted, feeling nervous for my joints as they are making popping sounds and are pressed upon in pretty uncomfortable ways, but ... if it works I guess I have to try and feel ok with it.) As with last time, it seems it's taking a good 2-3 days for the adjustment to settle in, so we'll see better how things are in a few days.

I'm supposed to see my regular doctor soon to follow up on my progress however, so I have had to test out a few activities despite it not feeling up to it yet in order to see what kind of improvements I'm noting.  Last week around 4.5 kg was the limit for me before things became uncomfortable, with respect to my lifting a bucket filled with water.  Today it's around 6.5kg, so we're getting there!  Hopefully I'll be back up to around 10kg soon (what I figure is the average weight of the heavier things I have to carry about at moments in my daily life.)  I've been encouraged by the Osteo to go for another little jog when I feel the adjustment has settled, and I can't wait to give that a go given how much of a pleasant surprise the 1k last week was.

So, finally a bit of sunshine (that doesn't have to do with a cute animal picture,) in this crappy, grey, 6 week long streak of whining.  I can't wait to have NOTHING to say about my back.  I bet you can't either!  Maybe I'll celebrate and buy some new running shoes!

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