Sunday, October 2, 2011

I miss Spain

I finally got our surf pictures back.  The most impressive surfing moments however don't translate well to film and we feature as unidentifiable specks on a bigger wave further out.  The ones where you can see it's us are the ones where we're just finishing our ride as the wave peters out closer to shore.  Either zoom lenses or waterproof camera cases are needed to take good surf photos.  Lesson learned.

I am the tiniest speck in the middle.  You can't tell but I'm having a great ride there.

Yes, that is me surfing like a newbie there. :)

and there,

and there again.

I will finally have a scan tomorrow to see about my back.  Given that it's been three weeks since I hurt myself, and that slowly but surely the problem seems to be getting better, I'm not sure how much they'll see now.  They should have just done the darned thing when I couldn't move without pain... because I'm pretty sure that whatever happened to me would have been much more visually evident then.  At any rate, I'm hoping they figure it out because not knowing what's wrong with it is disturbing.

I'm weary from worry too as things have taken a turn for the crappy here.  My work seems to be uncooperative in the administration of my medical documents (which they are supposed to, by law, be forthright about, but it would seem they are not being so,) and last night I stupidly tried to go with The Boy and his friend to see the candle-lit pathways that (once a year,) light up the citadel of Liège.

Silly me, I thought we were going to see a quiet and beautiful annual tradition of Liège, but in reality it was THRONGS of people, lots of bars, loud music and oh yeah, a few candles along the sides of the roads.  I did my best to say little and try not to slow the others up too much with my injured-walk, because, you know... sometimes you don't get what you expect and that's life.  My perceived lack of enthusiasm for the idea of being driven home by someone who was over-the-limit for alcohol, and my demand that they do the right thing and switch to water for the last glass or two, however was the straw that broke the camels back and was met with angry words, and a general 'Thanks for ruining the evening, everyone back to the car, we're going home NOW.'

*Sigh*  I should really just start assuming that anything, even those things that are normally quiet and somber like... funerals possibly even, are also events where (in Liège at least,) there might be a bar and it might actually be just as good an excuse as any other for people to get drunk and disorderly.  I should also know better than to try and separate any Liègois from his bottle before he's ready.  Anyhow, it's not as though I have a problem with people getting drunk at a party.  I just have a problem with them thinking it's just fine to do such an irresponsible thing as to drive home drunk.

Regardless that this conviction comes out of caring for those around me, I've been told by the boy that I'm no longer invited to accompany him to party with him and his friends.  Fine.  I'll go the parties I want thank you very much, and I'll find my own (safe) way there and home, and maybe in the end I'll make a few of my own friends along the way.  Who knows, maybe everyone will be better off for it.

Right about now though, with all the merde hitting the fan between my health, my work being unresponsive with documents that they should be being responsive about, and my new slightly-more-than-before-social-outcast status, I'm really missing that feeling I had while surfing in Spain.  There I felt like I could do something right, that was also good for me, and that didn't hurt anyone's feelings or result in bizarre forms of retaliation.  It was simple.

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growningrace said...

Who knew that not wanting to die in a fiery, yet preventable, car crash would get you uninvited to things. *eyeroll*