Monday, October 3, 2011

A cure of sun and salt.

Hm, I never published this, but it seems to be finished.  So I'm publishing it now.

I am back from a week in Spain.

I was entirely clear with everyone before leaving for this week that I desired nothing other than to eat well, drink well, and learn to surf if possible, and it was exactly these things that I ended up doing.

Between the fatigue from work before going on vacation, and the fatigue from surfing (which will provide a workout for everything from your toes to neck,) I slept SO. MUCH.  This is doubly amazing considering the bed in our hotel was actually just springs covered by a piece of fabric.  A torture device, really.  I view the fact that I could sleep on it at all as undeniable proof that I was tired.

The Boy was bored enough during my lazing about that he read most of the girl-health magazine I'd brought along, not to mention 120-something pages of an actual book I'd brought (I have never seen him read anything book-like other than a user-manual, so that was shocking.)

I warned him that I wouldn't be the peppy voyageur I often have been, going here and there, exploring and so on.  I told him in advance so he could be prepared, though when we arrived and I wanted to do very little, somehow this came as a shock to him which is how he ended up reading and learning about, (among other female-francophone concerns,) a condition known as "la vaginisme".

I needed the amazing charcuteria where we went and bought various afternoon treats, I needed the fresh and insanely cheap seafood and wine, I needed to finally surf after wanting to learn for years and years, and I needed the amazing views offered along the beach (sculpted spanish surfer-boys and beautiful sunsets alike.)  I needed to roll my r's instead of making them at the back of my throat.  Spanish r's are so much more pleasing than French ones.

And, it totally didn't hurt to meet Manu, the drop dead gorgeous guy who attended the same surf-school as us, with the amaaazing eyes, staying on I'm not what sure floor in the same hotel as us... *siiiigghh.*  It's probably a good thing he was only there for the weekend.  First guy I've met since The Boy that has made me feel like THAT when I look into his (amazing, did I mention they were amazing?) eyes.

The Boy totally knew I had a crush.  I don't lie about these things, so I was honest in saying ", his eyes?  WOW."  And even The Boy had to admit that Manu was a gorgeous man who had 'something' about him.  I had hoped The Boy would find some solace however in knowing that Manu was also the first boy I'd seen that had really wowed me like that since him... but he thought I said that just to be nice.  The Boy needs to trust that I'm more honest than nice.  Nice and honest are not mutually exclusive, but they sure as heck aren't best friends.  Anyway, what can I say?  I'm not going to lie and say a gorgeous man isn't gorgeous.  I'm not going to say that a man who clearly takes care of himself and happens to be genetically gifted isn't attractive.  But I'm also not going to lie when I say that it's actually quite rare that I see a man I find 'magnetic'.  So yeah, that was the brief caliente bit of vacation.

Of course, there were other tensions, largely caused by the fact that I unplug from the work-world faster than The Boy, and there was a talk which I suppose revealed my feelings about what's possibly gone awry in our duo a bit more clearly.  The fact that I was better at surfing than The Boy for the first few days didn't help either.  I did give him some pointers on judging waves though, which seemed to help him after the first two days, and now we both are of the opinion that surfing is awesome, and we'd like to do it again.

It was a mixed bag, but still I got exactly what I needed out of it.

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