Saturday, October 22, 2011

6 weeks, 4 doctors

So.  I had my first appointment with an Osteopath on Wednesday.  Interesting.  I've never been to one before, but I'm supposed to trust that he won't hurt me.  He believes the problems I'm having are related to a 'blockage' having to do with my 10th rib being forced into an 'off' position.

Breathe in, breath out and relax, Crackity crack.  A few more twisted positions and a few more cracks and pops, and that was my first 'adjustment'.  Afterward I felt like someone had done the spinal equivalent of cracking the knuckles.  My muscles weren't the happiest and my spine felt... weird.  He said to give my freshly adjusted back a few days to settle, and then to give a few 'normal life things' a try before seeing him again next week... so we'll see.

I saw the specialist yesterday and he doesn't agree with the Osteopaths diagnosis, so an MRI is now booked.  Meanwhile, since the specialist poked about in the affected area yesterday morning it's been pretty angry.  I'm waiting for the angry to die down so I can possibly on Monday or Tuesday follow the Osteos instructions by trying to push the vacuum around, wash dishes, take on a few regular life things and see how they go.

If there could still be a problem with my discs however, I'm wondering if it's smart to have someone cracking my back...  I'll have to double check with the specialist about this.  In any case the Osteo doesn't seem fussed about it.  I told him the specialist thinks there could still be a disc issue and he brushed it off.  Which was, uh, not very reassuring.

I will say this though: Despite my hesitations about Osteopathy, one of the cracks he did seem to release a little pressure feeling I had when I breathed deeply since the back problem started.  So perhaps a rib was involved, but I'm not feeling (yet, at least,) like the rest of the adjustments he made have improved the problem spot.  I'll give him his shot at helping me, and he does seem really optimistic about being able to help me bounce back from this.  I kind of got caught up in his optimism the day I went to see him actually, I guess because I'd like to be back to normal sooner than later and I'd like to find someone who can help me get there.  But as of now, I can't really say I'm feeling much of a difference. : /

As the French say "On verra" (We'll see.)  And then after I've had the MRI, hopefully we really will see.  I'm tired of people poking me and taking their educated guesses.  I've seen 4 different medical professionals now about this over the past 6 weeks, and I've heard 4 different theories as to what's happened to my back.  Hopefully the MRI will make things a little clearer for everyone.

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