Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bye bye, fruit fly.

Alright.  So I was in Spain for a week, and I will talk about that soon, but first I really need to show you this.

Last night, while trying to sit comfortably (I've gone and messed up my back at work,) and read with a glass of wine, a fruit fly kept harassing me.  Just one.  Eventually I got so ticked off with it not leaving me alone coupled with my inability to move to kill it, or to move much at all really, that I decided to try something I'd read about.  Apple-cider vinegar in a cup with a few drops of dish-detergent stirred in.  I placed it near my reading location, and like magic the little bugger found his way in and promptly drowned himself.

20 minutes later I glanced at my newly created trap and saw exactly THAT (the picture above.)  Holy crap, where did they all come from?  It had only been 20 minutes!

Anyhow.  Just sayin' that if you hate fruit flies... now you know what to do.

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