Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The wavering column

As mentioned previously, I've gone and mucked up my spine.  At work, of all places, doing something so banal it isn't even worth discussing.  (Ok, I was lifting a big pot full of eggs, if you really must know.)

Who'd have thought that after a week of grueling surf-lessons, fighting rip-tides and even getting whacked in the face by my own surfboard (it only happened once,) that I'd muck up my back, at work doing something I often do?

In fact, I didn't even think I'd hurt it seriously on Saturday when it happened (I figured I'd strained a muscle,) so I went to work on Sunday thinking that moving would help it to feel better, but by the end of the shift I was trying not to burst into tears.  That it hadn't reacted at all like a muscle strain was my first clue that it might not have been a simple little twinge I'd felt the day prior.

I have now seen a medical professional, and the good doctor has instructed me to take crazy anti-inflammatories that make me feel dumb, to move as little as possible, and to let him know if it's better by Monday.  If not, I'll be heading to the "scanner".  It is high excitement time in my house, oh yes.  Why just today, so far, whilst sitting on the couch moving very little, I managed to whittle the size of my email inbox down from 19 pages to 4.  I have also managed to read through all the flyers and local papers we've received over the last 2 weeks.  Additionally, I have entered 3 online contests (pick me for the free trip to Toronto, Belgacom!)  The list of achievements is stunning, I know.  I'm already stir-crazy.

And there will be no half-marathon in London, it seems.  Pounding 21 kilometres a mere 2 weeks after hurting your back is a very bad idea says the doctor.  Mind youuu, the cutoff time for the race is 3.5 hours, which means if I could walk each kilometer in 10 minutes or less... then technically I could still do the race?  Not sure that's a good idea either, though.  Hmph.  I'm trying to see the bright side of this all, and have been telling myself that maybe if I'd RUN the race I might have re-injured my achilles tendon, as it would have been a little soon to be putting that kind of distance on it.  I'll have to find a way to make something of it that seems positive.  I know... perhaps I could dress up as a snail, walk the race and come dead last?

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