Friday, August 26, 2011

Of late

I have this post, and it just keeps getting longer.  It's a miscellaneous list of things I thought to tell you, but never found the moment to.  So I'm just going to blurt some of them out now.

---I read The Hobbit.  It was in the pile of "why haven't I read this" books.  Considering how much I disliked Tolkiens writing style when I tried (quite some time ago) to read Lord of the Rings, I was pleasantly surprised.  My beef with LOTR?  Simply that right from the start, Tolkien left nothing to the imagination.  He described everything in excruciating detail.  I like being able to fill in some of the blanks for myself.  In The Hobbit there is a balance that works for me.

---I am now in the process of reading Naked Lunch.  Wow.  I expected gross and strange, (though I haven't seen it, I was already aware that David Cronenberg had made a film inspired by the book,) but ... WOW, this book is stranger and more gorey than I could have imagined.  I can understand why the American public had a tussle over whether or not to classify it as pornography.  It is ragged and disgusting and poetic all at once.  Most days I can only read a few pages in a sitting before I start feeling the urge to close the book because some part of my brain feels overloaded with a jumble of these... crazy, dirty, profane things.  It's interesting.  Always when I'm reading, I think to myself what a gold-mine of ideas this book could be for an illustrator.  I could see Tomer Hanuka pulling something amazing from it.  At the same time, I don't think that any film could do the book justice.

---My internet is acting up.  Telling me daily for spells that I am not connected when my modem says I am.  Belgacom, you are getting on my nerves.

---In the next 7 days, I work 6.  For half of this, it is the very busiest time of year for the hotel.  The Formula One races in Spa.  How it goes largely depends on the clientele we get.  Last year it was largely press and professionals involved with the races in some way.  Even though the hotel was rammed it was really a very civilized lot, which was so nice.  I didn't feel as though a steamroller had been flattening me for three days straight.  This year all signs point to lovely, civilized people once more, (yay!)  Of course, I try to give the best service I can either way, but it's much easier and genuinely much nicer to serve well behaved, conscientious people.

---Very soon we will be in Spain, on a beach, trying to learn to surf.  I'm very excited for this, but I worry that I may truly suck at it.  We'll see.  Even if I've only managed to get up on the board and stay upright for a few 5 second rides on a few tiny waves, I'll consider the trip "totally worth it."  I've been told surfing is hard, so I'm setting the bar low.  Very low.

---And now, thinking of the upcoming week on a beach, I am reminded I have some crunches to catch up on...

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