Friday, July 22, 2011

In which I am locked inside my house

No really, I am actually locked inside my own house.  Our doorknob has been going on strike with Belgian regularity lately, which was ok because if you turned the key all the way in the lock, the door would open by itself anyway.  Except not today.

was going to go and get the necessaries to make a lovely green salad with chicken, cheese, apple, and so on for dinner... but no.  The house won't let me.  Boyfriend is helping beau-frère with his roof today, so calling him to let him know I'm trapped hasn't worked either, as his phone is inside beau-frères house whilst he is outside.

Of course, boyfriend will get home after the stores are closed, when there is no hope of buying and installing a new doorknob, but hopefully he will at least be able to get inside.  I have had a tin of Heinz beans for dinner, which was terribly scrumptious let me tell you.  Who needs a nice fresh salad when you've got that?

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