Monday, July 4, 2011

Freddie Mercury didn't have my bike seat. Or, maybe he did...

Have I really left pictures of my stomach hanging around at the top of my blog for almost a week?  It seems I have.  Lovely.  Well, let's see if we can't just push that entry down the page, shall we?

I'm going to tell you a story.  It's a short story that starts with a brand new (mountain) bike, and a little test-ride through the local forest in order to get comfortable and make adjustments as needed.  It ends the next day with a girl who wonders if the Marquis de Sade designed her bicycle seat.

Today I am pining for my old bike-seat, which had gel cushioning and allowed me to enjoy wheeling about for hours at a time.  I am researching online to see if there is any adjustment I might make to this seat before I have to go hunt down a more female-friendly one.  Because... What the HELL bike-seat-designer???  I'm pretty sure cycling isn't EVER supposed to make your lady parts feel like they've just starred in a movie with the words "gang-bang" in the title.

On to the next thing.

We have plane tickets.  We have the idea that we will go and (try to) learn to surf this year in Spain.  So far all we've managed to do is make the flight bookings online.  We've found the surf school and hotel, but we have been suffering some kind of summer lethargy lately.  It's the kind where you are really hard-pressed to name more than one thing you may have accomplished (by your own initiative) per day, and even then, that one thing might be something like "I washed the dishes" which as we all know is true progress in life.

Now that I think of it, I'm not sure, actually, that I ever really shook off the lethargy that hit me last summer.  Hopefully it's not cumulative or next year someone will have to come and dust me off on a weekly basis.  As it is, the thought of a (necessary) trip to the grocery store today has me feeling resentful, even though without it I'll have nothing for dinner.  *Sigh*  On days like these, I need minions.  On the other hand, I suppose after going to the grocery store I'll have accomplished my one thing.

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