Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, that was demoralizing.

It's been two months, and here I am with the promised experiment results.  100 crunches a day, over 2 months.  I've lost maybe a kilo during those two months, though I've been visiting chocolatiers and making croissants in-house and so it's fair to say that my dietary habits haven't changed much.  I haven't had as much beer over the past month, but I would say that ice-cream consumption is up, which pretty much means the only difference you'll see here is exactly this: the 100 crunches per day.

As I've said all the way along, I do feel a difference.  Good thing really because taking the photos today and comparing to the "befores" made me think "well, that's disappointing."  So, without further ado I give you proof that 100 crunches a day might make you feel better, but certainly won't do much for your appearance:

2 months ago above, "standing relaxed pose".  Today below.
 Yes, I may just be one of the whitest people you have seen (albinos aside, of course.)

 2 months ago above.  Today below.
I think the most noticeable (the only noticeable?) difference can be seen in my back/hips area.

The classic "female flexing abs pose."  Seriously... do I even look like I've got anything going on there?

Looks aside, my core is definitely stronger, and I'm able to do waayyy more crunches consecutively and with good form before needing to take a pause than I was at the start of this.  I figure I'll just continue on with this experiment and see about what happens if I double the number of crunches per day since 100 now truly feels like nothing.  200 per day is still completely manageable to slot into any day, since it takes up less than 5 minutes.  We'll see where it goes from there.


Jessica said...

You do look more toned, for sure. especially around your belly button. But- DUDE I would kill for your before or after mid-section! you lucky beeacth :) add like 10-15 kilos of Crème fraiche around what you've got, that's what i'm working with heehee

Jessica said...

You don't look like it though (the 10-15kg crème fraiche,) at least not from your photos. In fact you look like you've slimmed really nicely since you re-started running.

My problem with anything really is consistency. But I'm curious about how this will end up, when results will be more visible if ever, and so on. :/

Jessica said...

haha thanks. yeah i have been on the downswing weight wise lately, but if I don't religiously count calories the creme fraiche comes right back :(

consistency has always been my problem too. That's why I signed up for a race and paid for everything in advance to keep me on track lol. so we'll see if that actually works.