Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Truancy excuses.

My goodness how the time flies when real life stuff is fluttering about.

Far-Away-Chocolate-Job: in the end I was asked in for an interview.  I had to ask if the chocolate guru I was hoping to work for would be able to do an interview by Skype, as I was completely willing to hop continents for a job, but couldn't afford to do it for both the interview and the job, if I got it.  Sooo, chocolate guru took a look over my cv and said we'd stay in touch as he was really busy and hiring for more junior positions at the moment.  I'm not sure how to read that, but I'll hope it's a good thing and not just a pleasant brush-off because seriously, I'd love to work there one day.

All this, at the very least has been more motivation for me to slog forward with the work of getting my studio/workspace together here.  It's coming, but man... changing a space from a granny's dining room into a space suitable for a clean-freak's cooking and art-doings is a little complicated.  I cannot believe how many boxes of little porcelain cherubs, decorative plates and lamps I have already carefully packed away and placed in the basement.  Mami certainly liked trinkets.

I still have achilles tendonitis.  It is annoying, but is slowly getting better.  This past Friday we were in Brussels for the new Amon Tobin show (which was definitely impressive,) and I danced (I couldn't help it,) which kind of set me back a few days on the whole "healing" thing.  It's bothersome, not moving very much for weeks at a time while this small but crucial part of me calms down.

But hey!  I have something else to tell you about related to fitness stuff: MBT shoes.  These are unbalanced rocker-sole shoes that are supposed to challenge your body in ways that are beneficial to posture, balance, developing small muslces and so on.  I bought a pair (on sale) while in Toronto, and have been sporting them on average about 20 hours a week while at work.  Not only did I initially feel more tired at the end of the days when I wore them, but now with the whole angry-achilles thing, they've really helped to keep my tendon happy and healing!  I think they've helped keep the tendon happier as it heals than my other "more normal" shoes because my foot isn't always going through the same set of motions as I walk, so the stresses to the tendon are not always applied in the same place and manner.  Neat.  Rotating through my various shoes as the tendon heals has helped too in varying the standing and walking motions from day to day.

And yes, I was supposed to report back on the whole "abs-thing".  I've decided with my intense schedule of not running to put this report off to the 2 month mark.  So expect a report around the end of June.  I promise I'll do it and it'll be all detailed and so on.  I'll even be a sport and post the before and after photos, no matter how mortifying the act of doing so may be.  You can be the judges since my opinion of what I see in the mirror varies from day to day.  I do feel a difference though, which is enough for me to stick with it.

I have been taking online Spanish lessons as an exploration of different online language teaching media, companies, and methods.  They seem to actually be working a little, y yo hablo un poco now.  I think my favourite word so far is frigorifico, (fridge) because really, isn't cold storage magnificent?  The word I have most difficulty saying for whatever reason is berenjena (eggplant.)

All this, and I'm currently working my way through 3 different books from the "I feel I should have already read these" pile.

So there.  Life goes on, I have not abandoned my blog, I will be back soon, there will be pictures.

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Mons Ben said...

My favourite Spanish word is: desafortunadamente. Luckily I have a wife who speaks Spanish and reminds me how to pronounce it.