Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stephen Harper = *headdesk*

Canada had an election recently and like many Canadians (but not enough) I am truly dismayed at the outcome.  It's like having your own people elect the devil, and it worries me greatly.  After seeing what Stephen Harper has pulled or tried to pull with a minority government now he's finally got the majority he'd so hoped for.  He'll probably use it like a wrecking ball to tear down as many of the things that I think make Canada great as possible.  This piece in the Guardian has done a decent job of summing it up, and since I'm still in a kind of shocked grief over the election, I'll let them do the talking.

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Mons Ben said...

Yup, that's depressing. I like the line about him being shown shaking hands with one his children! Unfortunately, the Right are on the march everywhere. And extreme right in Europe, even in fluffy Scandinavia. But, whatever he does, surely he won't be able to turn Canada into the terrifying, selfish, puritanical, religiously-driven place that are your noisy southern neighbours?

Personally, I've never been so despondent about mainstream politics. Everything is being cut fast and deep in the UK, against all evidence which warns against such a radical approach.

When I eventually return to England, I need to get back involved in local politics. Trouble is, I dislike all the parties. What are you supposed to do? Need to find a wealthy backer.