Monday, May 16, 2011

Chocolate School was Chocolatey.

Callebaut Academy in Wieze, Belgium.  Every morning I would exit our shuttle-taxi just at the gates of the factory and inhale deeply.  During the walk from the gates into the academy I made like Charlie Bucket, inhaling as much of that deliciously scented air as I could.  The smell was so rich in the air there that one could almost be tricked into thinking they'd just swallowed the last gulp of a cup of deliciously thick hot chocolate.  It was the perfect way to begin the day.

Three days under the watchful eye and clear explanations of the incomparable Phillippe Vancayseele were well worth it.  I learned, refined my techniques, and met some interesting people too.  I've always thought that it's largely the quality of the teacher that makes the quality of the course, and can I just stress that if you come here (Belgium) for a course at Callebaut that you will be in good hands if you are learning from this man.

Phillippe Vancayseele

Class was a whirlwind of theory, practical exercises and demonstrations.  I won't bore you by geeking out too much about it and instead I'll just show you a few pictures.

Isn't he odd?  The "dragonfish" I made during a 3D hollow moulding exercise.

The loot: Boxes filled with layer upon layer of my pralines/truffles.

I hadn't realized it at the time, but everything we made was exactly what we walked out with at the end of the course.  The timing couldn't have been better really, since Mother's day fell on the weekend following the conclusion of the course.  It was the perfect win-win scenario: Mother's day gifts were suddenly all dealt with, and I'd found the perfect way to move temptation out of my house!  I didn't gift dragonfish though, because I'm not sure how I feel about gifting someone with an odd creature such as him.  In the end I figured the safest place to keep him would be my belly, and so that's where I decided to put him.  heh.  Good thing I'm all caught up on my ab-work.

And THAT is my brief account of chocolate school.
Theeee end.

(For now...)

(...Because I'm totally hoping to go back and take another class there.)

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