Monday, May 2, 2011

The air smells of chocolate here.

Ok, so now that it's finally started and hasn't evaporated into thin air, I can tell you.  It's true it's not done yet, but since I've started it, it's feeling very real and I'm too excited not to share.

I'm at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Weize, Belgium.  Today was the first day of my course, and it was AWESOME, as in: I've already learned a few things I should have known better about, and I've done one or two things that were completely new to me, and today is only the first day.  The course is packed with information and practical work, led by a top notch teacher and chocolatier, and I am basically in chocolate scented heaven.

I'll tell you about it more soon.  I'm a bit brain-dead after trying to sponge up as much knowledge and technique as possible today, and I have a thumb blister to attend to.  Gotta rest up, stay sharp, and make sure my camera batteries are juiced (you know, in case I actually have a second tomorrow to take a picture along the way.)

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