Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring romances

WOW.  It's still gorgeous outside and amazingly, I'm inside, posting.  Exciting things are happening here though, and I must share.

This spring I have found two new loves.  Every time we cross paths, I can't help but stare longingly and covetously at them.  It's ridiculous, and boyfriend can do nothing but roll his eyes, sigh, and patiently wait for the spells they've cast upon me to wear off:

Meet Einstein.  He lives at the park.  When he moves, his 'hair' bobs along after his head in the most riduculous fashion.  He's frisky with the ladies and sleeps in a tree.  I know this because I've even visited him at night.  He seemed pretty pissed-off that I was disturbing his rest.

Einstein fascinated me so much that I stalked him on the internet.  Anyone who wants one of their very own (like me, someday,) will need to look up a breeder of Houdan chickens.

I don't care what his name is.  He is so terribly awesome and makes me smile.

And that's it for today.  The sun is out, which of course means I can't concentrate for too long at a stretch.  I'm supposed to finally recommence some sort of running routine after doing almost nothing over the last 4 weeks, and I must prepare sangria and a packable dinner... we've managed to convince a crew of people we know that a worry-free bring-whatever-you-want-to-eat picnic this evening is THE thing to do.

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