Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In and about Toronto.

We have been in and about Toronto for a week now.  It's been so nice to see old faces and spend time with people I've missed.  Jet lag has been hanging on to us this time though, causing zombie like moments at odd times of the day.  It's our own fault.  We did a great job of shaking off the jetlag after arriving and were in wonderful form after a few days, and then we had a late night out and buggered up all the hard work we'd done informing our bodies when to rise and eat.

Of course, trying to keep up with these three munchkins might be part of it too:

I have no idea how my sister and her husband find the energy, but they've done a great job with these three.  They are dear little people, it's a true pleasure to be their Aunt.

The weekend was full of family, who are rather 'exuberant' when assembled.  There were the normal debates, stories, and catching each other up on recent happenings, with the volume really only descending at dinner as we appreciated the celebration-calibre meals placed in front of us.  It was as though Thanksgiving happened one day, and then Easter the next.  On the train into the city yesterday, Boyfriend lamented the tiniest pinch of fat on his stomach: "It's the first time in my life this has ever happened."  I opted not to bother pinching for my own show-and-tell.  I've tried to be smart, I've gone running, and I'm now crossing my fingers, hoping that later today when I put on my jeans my legs won't resemble little sausages packed too tightly into their casings.

That seems to be as far as my brain will take this entry.  What can I say?  It's on vacation too.

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