Monday, April 18, 2011

Back on board

I've been back a week now, and you know how it is when you have a good vacation right?  You need to REST because you're all tuckered out from the FUN you had?  Yeah that.  The whole thing went by in the space of two blinks.

That, and the sun (YES THE SUN!) has decided to grace Belgium with its presence.  Which of course means we must all stop doing anything remotely productive and get our vitamin D while we can.  So basically that's my excuse.  I've been vacationing, then recovering from vacation, and sunning myself.

Ah yes- and taking pictures of my sunny dinner-al fresco this evening and posting them on facebook, because it snowed in Toronto yesterday, (and there is a secret bitchy part of me that wants to rub my sundress-wearing, picnic-having, gorgeous day in their faces.)

Yes, those are my ghostly white legs at right, AFTER a solid week of artificial tanner use, no less.

I'll be writing again soon.  There are things to talk about, and Belgium being what it is, it has to rain sooner or later.

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