Monday, March 14, 2011

On a serious note: another reason to donate.

It's winter in Japan.  Had you remembered?  I hadn't.

It's almost as though this fact didn't make it through in the reports about the quake here.  While we've all been gawking at the tsunami footage, clips of the nuclear plants and so on, what hit me in the gut much harder than any of these already awing and heartbreaking things was the realization that thousands upon thousands of people are currently homeless, short on survival supplies, and in the cold to top it all off.

Even if you only have a little pocket change kicking around, here are some people who are already on the ground in Japan who could put it to good use, helping in a myriad of ways.

I suggest them because they are an established and well organized group and they are already on-site in Japan helping now.  For this particular disaster, medical assistance is going to be one of the major immediate needs.  With this link you can find a branch in your country, click on it, and donate in your currency.

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Efrutik said...

Great initiation to action Jessica!