Monday, March 14, 2011

lollygagging with doodlebugs

In the past 9 days, I worked 8.

And so today, on my first real day off as I try (mostly in vain) to Get Things Done Around the house, I pop onto my blog and see a pile of cursory entries.

I'm pretty tired after my workathon week, and so today's entry will be only marginally less suspect as far as quality is concerned, but I wanted to show you a sign I noticed in the kitchen at work that surprised me...
What the heck is a doodlebug?  Is this a real French word approved by the Académie Française, because it sounds a lot to me like whoever made this sign is just messing with everyone.

Moreover, after squinting long and hard at the pictured 'doodlebug', I believe it to be a rubber-bristled broom.  This conclusion got me thinking... do we have an English word for rubber-bristled brooms or do we stick with a Germanic tendency on this one by mashing three words together to describe one object rather than calling it something, for example, like a doodlebug?  I thought English (and not French,) was the language better known for inventing new words...

(Ok, "doodlebug" is in the English dictionary, but it's already taken for ant-lion larvae as well as for certain sorts of divining rods.)

Perhaps our cleaning procedures in the kitchen now involve divining rods?

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Laura and Ben said...

Wow! I didn't know doodlebug had so many meanings - it's also the name of a bomb from WWII.