Friday, February 25, 2011

On a personal note,

I haven't done much speaking about myself lately here.  Probably because it's quite the mixed bag we've got going on chez nous for the moment, but none of it is terribly thrilling.

---Mami (Boyfriend's grandmother, who's house we currently live in,) died.  We knew it was going to happen, given her rapidly progressing dementia, not to mention the liver-cancer that popped up last year.  She was not undergoing treatment for the cancer as the doctors had decided the treatment would be terribly invasive and probably kill her, and she was not yet at a point of suffering from it.  She passed in her sleep, which really was the nicest way it could have happened for her I think.

---Boyfriend had a 3D x-ray (not an MRI) taken of his lungs and a battery of lung volume and efficiency tests were run a few weeks back.  He's been given the green light by the lung specialist to resume living life with a few exceptions.  He has been positively timid about resuming life as normal, taking things really slowly and listening intently to his body.  I get it though - he's worried about having another pneumothorax (because after the first, there is a 20% chance it could happen again.)  If it were to happen again he'd probably have to have a surgical treatment to deal with the problem, which he's heard is terribly painful, and not necessarily effective.

---We have plane tickets.  We'll be visiting Toronto for a few weeks at the end of March/beginning of April for a much needed vacation/visit/catch-up with friends and family (not to mention accountants and doctors and favourite clothing stores!)  I'm SO looking forward to it!

---The goal of getting more credentials in 2011 is almost one I can scratch off the list.  I have an irrational fear that I'll cause exciting things to evaporate by speaking about them, so I'm not going to say any more at this point.  I'll share with you when it's done.

---I signed up for a half marathon (21k).  It's a big one (about 17 000 runners) in London in September. There'll be music along the route, and since it seemed like so much fun and so little pressure, I said "why the hell not?"  So, I'm booked in, our hotel's booked, and away we'll go.  I had written down the time I'd hoped to do better than here, but then that irrational fear of speaking about good things and thereby turning them into horrible things kicked in, and a whole scenario ran through my head involving my knee being hurt again and my having to drag myself using my arms along the route of the race... so I'm not telling you the time I'm going for after all.

---Completely unrelated to this (shhh) - I ran a 10k today where I pushed the pace a little and it was 51 minutes! I wasn't feeling super this morning, though I felt pretty ok, and I was really only pushing a little harder in the moments where my mind wasn't trying to ply me into walking for just a second, or where it was flatter running, so I hadn't expected that time.  This has given me hope that I may ... uh, nevermind.

That's all for now.


Efrutik said...

Good to catch up your personal things. Big condolences to your boyfriend and his family please.

Great future things lined up you got there. Speaking of Canada, I have much to ask you about your homeland! Will follow up later when my questions are coherently formalized.

When I read this :I have an irrational fear that I'll cause exciting things to evaporate by speaking about them, so I'm not going to say any more at this point.", I had a feeling of huge relief. I feel the same way, and already after yesterday having had talked about something that gives me this kind of feeling I am fearing the worst. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to participate in this

on Sunday?

Jessica said...

Anon - sadly no, I'm working that day. I do remember hearing about this same race last year and it being a little too late too. : / Clearly if I'm going to do this race at some point, I should mark it on my 2012 to-do list now.