Monday, February 7, 2011

In fine form.

We were night and day this morning.

He may as well have been single-handedly performing "A Chorus Line".  I, on the other hand, had a throbbing head, and the desire to muffle him with a pillow.  Not smother, just muffle.  I sat, a dour lump wrapped in a blue bathrobe, trying to smile when appropriate from my place on the couch and to supress the urges to kill while I collected myself.

Observation number one: Never trust Beau-Frere's wine.  He may tell you it's good.  It may taste Just Fine.  Regardless, it will give you a horrible headache, because Beau-Frere likes to drink a LOT of wine so you can bet that even if it doesn't taste so bad, it's plonk.  Be polite and have a glass, but then follow boyfriend's lead and switch to Perrier.  You too can be disturbingly chipper the following morning.

Observation number two: It is gorgeous outside, including a blue (BLUE!  NOT GREY!) sky.  Why does this always seem to coincide with hang-overs?

Observation number three: It is not a good idea to drink, when you already are struggling to remain in your size 26 jeans.  Alcohol is not calorie-free, sadly.

Observation number four: Getting up the strength and motivation to go for a run on a day like today is haarrd.  But after two cups of coffee, two buns with European-style-peanut-butter-fail-spread, three bottles of water, a pain-killer, and a bowl of soup... I think I might be able to get out there by ... noon?  maybe?

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