Thursday, January 27, 2011

News & Zoup

I bring you news along with the recipe for the easiest soup ever.  Not to mention cheap, and pretty tasty.

1kg zucchini, chopped.
200g fresh chevre (goat cheese), chopped.

-Put chopped zucchini into a pot, and fill with water (just enough to cover the zucchini.)
-Add a little salt into the water
-Bring to a light boil/simmer for about 20 minutes
-Take off heat and add the chevre into the pot while the water is still hot
-Let sit until cooled
-Process through blender to desired texture, season with salt and pepper to taste

In other news, I'm still tinkering with things hither and thither.  I somehow managed to disable my analytics while tricking google into thinking it was still functioning and just this morning after discovering this have either:
a) fixed the problem by inserting newer, better analytics code or
b) deleted something that may have been important in the code of my blog while inserting the newer better code ... I must now wait at least 24 hours to figure out whether it was a or b that happened.  How exciting!

Originally, the plans for this morning were to take off to the Vosges (mountains south of here, in France) to spend a weekend snowboarding, but sports are still off limits for Boyfriend, so we are taking off elsewhere for a little conciliatory evasion.  This aside, I have been working on other projects (or trying desperately to catch up on them, rather), chain-consuming episodes of Desperate Housewives with Boyfriend while he's off-work recovering, and still feel as though I'll be ringing in the new year with the Chinese.

Year of the snail sounds right to me.


Laura said...

Nice shot! It is yours, right?

Jessica said...

Oh my, how I am very very late in responding! Yes, it's mine :)