Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In which one is the tortoise, and one is the hare.

New years are a little like newborn babies.  We consider them and their undeveloped almost non-existent personality and try to glean from this tiny beginning how things might develop.

2011 is here and it's not getting any younger, so I suppose I should say something about it, but I'm not ready to yet really.  I feel like I haven't really started.  The first few days of 2011 have involved me being incredibly busy whipping off chocolate orders (too busy in fact, to remember to take pictures,) and working my butt off at the hotel.  While doing these things I have to do, I've been thinking about what I want to do and what I ought to do in 2011.  My thoughts are really in a "laundry list" state right now.  Disorganized napkin scribbles all scrumpled up in various corners of my mind.

All I know for the moment is that 2011, even though it is still quite young, is moving way faster than me.  I have a ton of things I want to do this year, and a real need to sit down undisturbed with all these ideas, assemble them in one place, and prioritize.  That and grow about 8 more pairs of arms.

Given that I have one day off this week, who knows when I'll actually organize these thoughts?  Perhaps I should just get on-board with the Chinese and start my New Year in February?  Maybe I'll be ready then?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I left a comment on your post re: the jackass drunk driver and forgot to check back for responses to my comment until now (I'm such a bad blog.... commenter?!) Thanks for the welcome to the blog! I hope you had a nice christmas and are easing into a great 2011 :-) To answer your questions, I'm from Montreal originally but Vancouver most recently, and we're living in Brussels... where are you from? I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know! I'm not even sure how long you've been in Belgium, but in any case I hope you've had an easier time sorting out your dreadful 'commune' paperwork + residency/work visa stuff than I'm currently having, it's a nightmare! So much tape, all of it red & inefficient. Blech. Anyway, all this whining and rambling to say: Happy New Year and nice to meet you ;-)