Sunday, January 16, 2011

A few goals for 2011

I thought, with a minimal work schedule this week that I'd have a lot of time to think and to firm up my plans and goals for 2011, but given all the lung-drama, this hasn't really happened, at all.  Instead I've been doing chores for 2, and reminding someone that going for a walk is against doctor's orders.

Instead of holding out and trying to have a nice neat start (well, on paper at least), I've simply decided that it's not going to happen and that the unplanned hurdles are something I'll need to roll with.  This said, here is my unpolished list regarding where I'd like to try and steer my 2011.

--This year I want to meet more of Belgium on my own.  It's time to buy a railpass, and take myself out a bit more.  There are places to go, people to see.  Time to start doing it "comme une grande."

--I would like to become more proficient in my internet-doings. I know a little HTML, and have been blogging here and elsewhere for years, but hopefully by the end of the year, I'll know enough to have whipped this place into better shape, and to have started working on a few other webby ideas of mine.

--I really, really should get around to looking for more English-translation, editing, and tutoring work.  Really, I've been a lazy arse about this, as in I haven't done *anything* this past year to attract work, not one thing.  Miraculously despite that I got a little work, which was honestly very fun.

--Every day I have creative ideas and impulses, and really I have no good excuse for why I don't just sit down for 15 minutes even to sketch them out before they get lost in the ether.  Even if I can get myself doing this once a week with regularity, I'd consider that a good step in the right direction.

--BE MORE ORGANIZED about the house (and force train convince Boyfriend to be too.)  I take a long time to become organized in new places, but once I am I can be rather ninja-like, with all my tools in their right places.  For me, things need well thought out homes because if they don't have them I just lose them by placing them randomly and not finding them again for 7 months.  Given that we are living in Boyfriend's Grandma's house while she is in a home, dealing with a degenerative mental disease and cancer, we haven't really felt right about putting her things in boxes.  In truth, we don't think of this place as ours at all, but we have begun to accept that in order to function better in the space, we have to put the fake flowers, crucifixes, and porcelain away, with care.

After two failed years on this one: I would like Christmas of 2011 to be the year I actually send my Christmas presents out in time for them to arrive to family before Christmas.  I used to have my presents bought or made and wrapped by the end of October.  Though most of the presents were bought by the end of November this year, they just never seemed to make it out of the house and to the Post Office.  My organization must change for the sake of my self esteem, before I start giving up, buy a set of grey track pants and stop remembering when I last brushed my teeth.

--Flossing.  I'm great at brushing my teeth, but miserable at flossing.  I believe I've found a trick though, a small way of keeping track and motivating myself to do this thing, which isn't really hard to do but for some reason I frequently do not do.  It's a stupid trick, but if it works to get me on track, I'll tell you, and then you can tell me that I'm a weirdo for being motivated by something so very lame.

And there you go, a half cooked plate of "I'm not good at" and "I'm very bad at" with a garnish of "I ought to be."  It was getting cold, so even though it wasn't ready I served it up anyhow.  Because that's how I'm rolling with things for the moment.


William Quincy Belle said...

Très exotique, vivre en Europe. J'aimerais faire le même mais mes responsabilités m'obligent pour le moment de rester ici au Canada. Demain? Qui sait? Bonne chance, bonne vie. À tantôt. Je retournerai pour lire votre blogue. NaBloPoMo? Février? :-)

Jessica said...

Merci William! J'ai juste vu ça maintenant donc ç'est un peu trop tard pour nablopomo en Fev.

Quand même, bienvenue :)