Thursday, December 16, 2010

Festive Karma Tree

Yes, I may have been too smug in my last post, and I'm sorry for that.  Don't worry though, karma jumped right in there to teach me my lesson.  Within an hour of posting, I went over to the tree to switch on it's lights, thinking I'd take a photo.  The darned thing decided at that very moment to lurch right over on top of me!  Never mind that it had already stood stoic and still for 13 days previous while we decorated it, and that it weathered multiple occasions of the sometimes maladroit Boyfriend snagging himself on it, (without incident.)

Looking on the tree last night we acknowledged that post-tumble, it has become rather creepy.  It leans toward the centre of the room, spindly black branches curved like fingers ready to snatch anyone that comes too close.  The thing is fairy-tale-sinister-forest spoooooky, with ironic shiny baubles.  So we'll be adjusting it tonight hoping it can resume it's former, more festive posture.  From this I've learned two lessons: 1-there are better ways to secure and anchor a tree made from tree-branches, and 2-don't F with Christmas.  Boasting isn't part of the Season Of Giving, even if it is for the only true holiday success in your home amongst piles of Fail, Late, and Unfinished.