Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

It snowed here the other day.  I woke up, looked out the window, and a very large grin crept across my face as I saw this:

A proper snowfall.  A real and proper one, requiring boots that go above the ankle, causing cars to skid about like errant toboggans.  Like most Canadians who live in countries where snow is sparse, I was elated.  So elated in fact, that I happily went to shovel the walk, and then found we had no shovel.  Hmmm.  Looking around I noticed that everyone else seemed to favour sweeping the snow off the sidewalk, so I grabbed two brooms from the garage and got sweeping.

I then industriously salted my walk, helped a neighbour spread grit (because our street is notorious for NEVER seeing the ploughs,) and then helped another neighbour to stop furiously spinning her tires as she tried to leave her parking place, offering a qualified winter driving tip or two that absolutely worked the trick.

Filled with the gaiety that snow brings, I gathered up all of my finest excuses to be out of the house, put on my boots and went walking about, camera in tow.  Things always look so much prettier with a fresh dusting of snow I think, and it was a real pleasure for me to see my neighbourhood (not the most attractive in my opinion,) in a new light:

On the way to the supermarket, I spotted another person spinning his tires, and I offered him the same tip about how to get unstuck.  Eventually, after he realized that I really meant "very little gas", he stopped spinning and got out ok.  Not only a gorgeous day, but I got a pile of errands done, took some photos, got a bit of sunshine, and managed to help a few people out along the way.  Beautiful.  Only one tiny complaint...

Here are the ugly beasts that arrived with the snow:

 Ugh *shudders*
"Les Santas qui grimpent"
The army of climbing Santas.

The first one I saw last year was cute, and the idea is cute, like a one-liner that draws a chuckle.  Unfortunately the fun of a one-liner doesn't last long and this one went viral all over our neighbourhood.  Every few houses one could be spotted, hanging precariously.  I wondered how very tiny children who still believed in Santa might take this.  Many became dirty, and tangled and much more tacky looking than they had already been.  Some, (like this one we were lucky enough to see every day from our dressing room,) remained part of the neighbourhood landscape until as late as April.

This year I hadn't seen too many, until it snowed.  Am I the only person who thinks these are not only ugly, but a little creepy?

"He's climbin' in yo' windows, he's snatchin' yo' people up."
Antoine Dodson.

EDIT: 6pm here, and it's snowing again!  Like the Dickens!  Go snow go!  (I am soo dreaming of a white Christmas.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics! I've been reading your blog for about 1.5 years now. Discovered it one bleary eyed night after my daughter was born. Happy Holidays/ Joyeux Noël to you!

Jessica said...

Thanks for taking the time to say hello! Happy Holidays to you too, and a belated congratulations on your daughter!

Sebastián Moncho said...

This year there was a lot of snow in Belgium.