Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Somehow this used to be easier.

So yes, the detox.  We are now a week in, and already asking ourselves why exactly we decided it was a good idea.

This is not the royal "we", in fact.  Boyfriend decided (surprisingly,) to join me on this.  Mind you, he believes that honey does not count as a sugar, and thusly pours massive quantities of it on whatever he is eating in the morning.

What are we supposed to be doing for this detox?  Well... for 4 weeks we are trying very hard not to drink any alcohol, not to eat any saturated fats, not to consume any refined carbs, to drink 8 glasses of water a day, consume mostly lean protein, plenty of fruit, veg, and very little red meat.  Ah yes, and no caffeine other than from our morning green tea.  This whole ritual used to be much easier for me.  I would do it at least once a year back home.  Mind you, in Toronto I had the luxury of organic fruit and veg delivered to my doorstep every other week, an unreal selection of grains, flours, and cereals at the supermarket, not to mention a plethora of nearby restaurants from a profusion of cultures offering tasty, healthy and inexpensive food.  I was so spoiled.  Here the choice mostly boils down to barbequed, melted, or fried, and because of that barbarian diet, my body was begging for a break.

I now have the pleasure of starting my day with this:
I have used greens+ before, and love what it does.  It actually does make a significant difference to how I feel throughout the day mentally and physically, to my running performances, and I find I rarely fall ill when taking it.  There are only good things in it like spirulina, milk thistle, cracked chorella, wheatgrass and red beet powders, lactobacilli, royal jelly, ground hippies, and so on.  I will never love how it tastes, (mmm, planty,) or how the very last gulp of the bottle of water I mix it into always makes me shudder like a teen taking their first whisky shot.  But it works, and so I always end up coming back to it.  This time I went out of my way to hunt it down in Toronto and bring a stash back in my suitcase.

And here we are now, with three weeks left to go.  I have just wrestled a spaghetti squash into submission in the kitchen and it is cooking now.  Nightly, boyfriend craves crêpes mikado.  I have the occasional sweet craving, but the only thing I have been craving regularly is a glass of wine with dinner.  My resolve wavers on this as part of me pleads that the polyphenols in a glass of red would be good for me.

Sipping 100% grape juice just isn't the same.


Efrutik said...

I've been wanting to do a detox program for weeks now! Unfortunately I have not even figured out the slightest idea of which one to follow (well I will be honest I haven't really researched one to begin with) but I constantly hear people talking about how good it makes them feel. Please feel free to share your "detox regiment program" so that it could give me a boost to do it as well, since I do really crave to do it.

Keep up the good work!

Jennifer said...

I love Greens+ and used to have it in Canada as well! Sadly, I have never seen it in the UK so once I run out of my pills, I might need to get a new shipment. DO you take the powder or pills version? I find the powdered stuff - although it tastes horrible - more potent.

Jessica said...

I found the powder works best too, so this time I hauled back with me the largest tub of it I could find!

Jessica said...

ps - http://greensplus.co.uk/ It's the same product, just a different package.