Friday, November 19, 2010

Everything counts (in large amounts.)

I'm just now able to piece together, somewhat coherently, a sentence.  I rolled out of bed at 10am, and struggled to find my will to live, eat, and drink water up until about now.  What a hangover.

Yes.  We broke detox yesterday and drank.  We figured it was the nice thing to do while spending the day together considering where boyfriend is off to... Today he's jetting off for a little fun (not really) and frolic (none, actually,) in a factory in the middle of the Arabian desert.  He was called two days prior to leaving by the electrician who arrived first and told there was no soap, there were no utensils, towels or toilet paper, and that the area of the factory where they would be sleeping was very dirty.  So we broke the detox for a day, running errands, lunching and relishing creature comforts together, and probably went just a tad overboard with the wine.  Definitely, actually.  The shot of 4 year old Belgian Owl certainly couldn't have helped matters either, though it was very tasty.

I was in the perfect mood, mind you, as I collected myself this afternoon, to call the twits at Euromut and give them a hard time (in French no less,) about their having LOST one of my important papers.  Almost 6 months after depositing the stupid thing in their little dropbox at the Liège office, I received a notice in the post stating they'd never received it.  I have been with this mutualité for less than a year, and they are truly beginning to annoy me with their little incompetencies to the point where I'm considering switching.  We'll see how they handle this.  I was not at all amused by their suggestion that I sign a letter stating I'D lost the form as a way to 'speed up' their getting another copy of it from the relevant gov't office that issues them.  No way am I going to sign a document saying I lost something when I bloody well didn't!  Boyfriend will have at them when he gets back, as it essentially ended in stalemate this afternoon with my telling the lady on the other end of the phone that I didn't find their organization at all organized, that I would not sign a document stating I'd lost something when I hadn't, and informing her that it was neither here nor there that French and Flemish are Belgium's "two most important languages"... that they shouldn't advertise in English stating they will communicate with expats in English when clearly they can't (every single document I've received has been in French despite my indication that I preferred communications in English.)  Rrrrr.

And so now it's just me, trying to limp back aboard the detox train and make the best of having the house to myself for a week.  Shouldn't be too hard though, considering I've a million things to do.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, that sounds horrible. I wonder if there are any decent health care providers in Belgium - they all seem to be incapable. Sometimes I wonder if they won't communicate in English because of politics. I know that that was an issue there before that paperwork couldn't be in English, maybe they're cracking down on these kinds of organizations because they are still mini-extensions of the government?

Anyway, I hope you have better luck soon, and hope the boyfriend stays safe!