Saturday, November 27, 2010

"... and there's gunna be trouble"

Guess who's back?

Everything was fabulous for the first 32 hours.  We were happy to see each other, to talk, to snuggle and catch up.  Because he'd eaten horrible sickening things all week, (roadside "chicken" in the desert?  Warm tuna from a can eaten with car-keys anyone?) Boyfriend decided he wanted to take us out to enjoy a properly delicious dinner.

And it was SO Good.  People, if you are in Liège and hungry, find "Cuccinella" on rue du Casquette.  You can thank me later.  Everything, including dessert was house made and was scrumptious, fresh, delicious.  It is the very best restaurant I've eaten at in Liège to date.

Unfortunately what I hadn't realized, and perhaps boyfriend hadn't either, was that somehow the accountant hitched a ride back in boyfriend's suitcase, emerging the day following the fabulous supper to gripe about money and respect and what I should be doing with my money to the effects of being respectful and so on.

Anyone who tries to make me feel bad about my financial needs or goals, in my books moves down a notch or three if they're trying to impose themselves on something that is not at all a domain they have any rights to.  So, I lost my cool, and things were rather loud and argumentative, there was yelling.  I am not proud.  The accountant shouldn't be either, if he has any logical (or humane) bone in his body.

I did not sleep well.  I went to work this morning, and fretted, and thought and worked.  Perhaps it's a very North American thing of me to say, but being occupied with work is normally calming for me, so fretting while working means I'm very bothered by whatever it is outside of work, enough for my detachment to slip.

I came home a little less amped up, and I'm grateful the house is empty for the moment.  I have time to work on things that are of greater importance than this stupid (and it is stupid,) argument.  I'm trying to finish things I started working on while boyfriend was in Arabia, in the moments I've got the same quiet and calm I had while he was there.

Everything is still up in the air for the moment, though I've said my bit that if there is something the accountant honestly feels needs discussing that he should take another approach.  Not sure that I can say much else at the moment, so the situation is breathing, I suppose.

Other than that, it's me trying to figure out where my holiday spirit ran off to in the midst of all yesterday's angry yelling.  It's probably cowering in the furthest corner of the basement.  I suppose I'm going to have to try and coax it out with the scent of freshly baked gingerbread or something.  I need it to remind me how full of love my heart is, and how that is so very much more important than the crap communications of yesterday.  Without it, the motivation to progress through the preparation of gifts and cards just isn't going to be there.  Man, fighting during the fêtes is just that extra little bit worse.

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