Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tales from the couch

I am still partially busy, but here we continue to dégage some of the backlog of trivial nothings, dear internets.

I ran another 16km.  All I know is it took me somewhere between 1.5 and 2 hours, but not actually 2 hours... less.  I also know that I need to bring water with me next time I decide to do that.

We didn't go to Paris after all, because we are dinks and had an argument.  We did sort it out rather quickly though, learned one or two things along the way and I don't think either of us suffers any lasting emotional wounds from it.  Things continue in what I'd consider a good direction and we are both happy.

Because I've been busy and boyfriend is a sporadic-at-best hooverer, the house looks like 10 Tasmanian devils have taken to nesting in it, which is always great when you're expecting company, which we are this weekend.  How can I get them not to notice that our house looks like Bagdhad?  Maybe if I ply them with alcohol?... lots and lots of alcohol?

I have somehow managed to put myself in the position of making a quasi-Thanksgiving dinner for 7 this upcoming weekend (Yes, I know I'm a week late and obviously out of my mind for taking this on, but whatever.)  There will be turkey, though I have not yet worked up the courage to attempt a whole roasted turkey in the alcove of doom so this year it'll be a rôti de dindonneau en croute Boursin.  The whole thing bakes on a bed of rosemary, has an accompanying sauce, is delicious and will probably not be the dish that causes me stress or agony.  I have bought a ton of pumpkin and am busy roasting and pureeing thinking (laughably) that my first attempt at a pumpkin pie completely from scratch in the alcove of DOOM my tiny kitchen will work out.  (I may have gotten overconfident after it allowed me to make chocolates the last time.)  I'm not worried.  Nope.  Not at all.  I'll just make an offering of burnt sugar before I start, and everything will be fine, right? *glancing nervously toward... the alcove*


Efrutik said...

Right.Wow so that long and threateningly long dish name actually scared the s... out of me. I wouldn't even attempt to make that based on the title!

Jessica said...

Lol, it's just a big piece of turkey surrounded in a tasty little cheese that has garlic and herbs in it, so the cheese turns into a crust of sorts. If it's not hideous maybe I'll take a picture or two.