Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Worst quality post ever.

I have not abandoned ship.  I will come back soon.  I'm just pretty busy for the moment.

Boyfriend came back from the land of the souk, bearing superfine-ground coffee, special soaps and teas.   That, and gastrointestinal upset that had him RUNNING like Usain Bolt at times for the nearest restroom.  It was funny, except the one time I really was worried that he might dirty his pants in the car.  (He didn't.)

More thinking and talking about real life and adult things has been happening.  This is a good thing I think.  If everything that I was thinking about before could have been described as formless ether, now it's like a foggy day where you see something coming out of the fog at you, but it's not fully defined yet.  Kind of a smudgy blob slowly approaching.  It looks friendly though.

Ah yes.  Anyone who wants a brief primer on Belgium and just a few of it's "eccentricities", click here.  I showed it to boyfriend last night and he laughed.  I wasn't sure he'd laugh, given he's Belgian and spends a lot of his time trying to defend his country remind me that I should try to be more open-minded.  But he laughed and I like to think that it's because most of what's in this video is both ridiculous, and true.

Annnd now I'm back to being busy.  Oh, wait - I bought new running shoes, did a 16k run one day, and am off to Paris this weekend.  Didn't know how else to squish that in there but these are all things I'm glad about.  Now I'm done.

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