Monday, September 20, 2010

Re:working: creativity

If you hate art, music, tv, and culture in general, move along.  Otherwise...

Most of you probably don't have 24 minutes to spare right now, but you really should click this link, bookmark it, and watch it when you do find yourself with that much time to spare.  It is a great piece of film regarding how art is a dialogue, and how a huge part of the creative process is the act of referencing, in order to push that dialogue further.  Food and fashion have known this for years... that it's not really about who does it first, rather who does it best, and that nothing gets anywhere very quickly if everyone is spending more time concerned with copyrights than creating.  Here we have not only visual and musical artists but also lawyers and academics saying something similar.  High time.  Who controls creativity anyway?  Nobody and everyone.  It's not predictable or controllable and that's why it's beautiful, because it's one of the only really free things left in the modern world, isn't it?

Alright, who put this soapbox appear under me then?

Right.  I'm supposed to be working on something else today, but I couldn't resist sharing this with the other creative and/or culture-interested peeps out there.  Hope you enjoy!

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