Friday, August 6, 2010

A mixed bag.

I bring you my collection of tiny and different things.  It's all the stuff that's been swirling about me like some kind of bizarre and beautiful dust-tornado over the past week.  Rather than let things accumulate any further, I'm just going to fire things off in cursory fashion and we'll see what sticks, shall we?

- Rather than shrink back in fear, I've decided to expand.  A good deal of thinking and a grounding conversation with boyfriend have caused me to ask myself "really, why am I not taking life by the balls right now?"  It is so not like me.  And I can't stop being me just because I'm somewhere else, now can I?  I am now in the process of plotting out some future (big) doings and goals.  Lists are being made.  The tough part is making choices between mutually exclusive great things and prioritizing.  These are the best sorts of tough decisions to have to make.

- My ex-husband is now engaged to his long-lost sweetheart.  I knew about this for quite some time but hadn't dared to breathe a word of it to anyone before he proposed.  It sounds like it was terribly romantic, and she said yes!  I am thrilled for them both, a stupidly silly amount.

- The sprained ankle has had 3-ish weeks off now.  Test-drive this weekend. *fingers crossed*

- I had to step into a pharmacy for the first time in Belgium.
- It was to ask for a morning after pill.
- As a result of this fuss, there have been a few very preliminary conversations regarding babies.
- I must admit that at times, part of me has soft and lovely feelings about raising a child.
- The rest of the time I am completely convinced that no no NO NO NOOOOOOOOooo.
- I'm chalking the soft and lovely stuff up to my biology trying to trick me.  *looks at uterine-area* Nice try, suckahs.

- An often-used but somewhat unnecessary kitchen appliance had a meltdown and no longer exists.  I was sad for a few seconds until I thought about the space not having it anymore would free up!

- A small note of business: The glacier down the street from us has been making his creams sweeter, causing him to fall off our favoured list (as we now find them too sweet.)  We are seriously décu with his going to the dark side, and want to know what gives.

- In this vein, we have decided to allocate some of the newly acquired counter-space to an ICE CREAM MAKER.  Ice cream is way more important than bread, anyways.

And now, it being Friday night after a challenging week, it is time to go and get our drink on.  Ta.

- PS - if you find yourself in Liège, the "Bistro des Carmes" at the Point D'Avroy has the best Sangria.

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Efrutik said...

Your bag is great. Keep brewing up your thoughts, you know I'm addicted to reading it all. Btw good luck with what you are planning!