Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Little bits of news, falling like fish-flakes in an aquarium:

As we have returned to the season of eternal greyness here in Belgium, I feel it's fitting to announce that after at least 4 months of hope and prayer, the trench fell into my life a few weekends ago, around the end of July / start of August.  And you know what?  It came at a great price too - he really does save!  He even threw in a few stylish leather belts for about 3 euro a piece, what a great guy!  I haven't worn it outside of the house yet, and haven't had a chance to take a picture of me sporting it, but you know, the news is just getting older, so...there.  Plus, for my sacrilege I will likely be struck by lightening while wearing it so I may as well tell you now before the smiting.

An update on the ankle: it now sees fit to start complaining after 7.5 kilometres.  One the one hand it's progress and I suppose I should be glad for that.  On the other hand I'm still not back up in the 10k+ range, and I'm impatient to get back there.

I have a plane ticket for Toronto, (happiness!)  It's a short visit, but still I'm psyched.  This time I'll be taking all my vitamins before, and will probably eat 3 cloves of garlic daily the week leading up to the flight.  There will be no getting sick and losing time on the ground there this time.  I'm sure the people on the plane will love my fresh mediterranean aroma.

I have successfully quit coffee (trumpet sounds in the distance.)  It has been quite the battle this time, but I've done it.  I had 2 decafs today to try and trick my brain into thinking it was still getting something, and my chocolate consumption has been ridiculous this week (partly due to compensation I think, but mostly due to the fact that Belle-Mère brought back some REALLY good stuff from her vacation in Switzerland.)  Anyways, all the chocolate I like is gone now, and I don't eat the stuff I use for professional purposes, (it's not good for business if you eat your supplies, you know,) so there.  Tomorrow will be my first caffeine-free day in... a very long time.

And now it is time to sleep because I'm pooped.  No caffeine will do that to you, along with preparations at the hotel for the crowd that comes with the Formula 1 races in Spa this weekend.  Usually all the hotels in Liège are booked full for this event, and by the looks of it, this year is no exception for the hotel.  Off to catch some Zzzzzzs.

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