Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I definitely did not do today.

I did not suggest to a loved one that they medicate themselves, despite knowing in the long run it's not what they need or should do.

I did not roll out of bed at 11am.

I did not eat cold pizza for lunch.

I did not consider for a second what exactly, would fit into my 2 suitcases and what I might leave behind.

I did not, for a moment, reflect upon all the potentials and talents I have which I have (almost stubbornly) refused to use for my benefit, throughout my life.

I did not face my fear of failure, or of being judged harshly.

I did not eat about 200g of dark chocolate for an afternoon binge snack.

I did not think about marriage.

I definitely did not spend a moment considering the lyrics to a Key$ha song.

I did not ask myself, even once, if the very best place (considering everyone) for me to 'be' was alone.

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