Saturday, July 17, 2010

The mother has landed

My mom is here.  I picked her up at Lièges train station Thursday after work, where she patiently waited after arriving early.  While in the station she did two things that surprised me: she saw someone eating a pain au saucisse from the Point Chaud there, and decided to get one herself figuring somewhat correctly that this is sort of a local thing.  Mind you, pain au saucisse from Point Chaud... meh.

She also dealt surprisingly well with the various weirdos who approached her asking for money or something to eat.  Or at least the way she describes it she did... for all I know she could have made a high-pitched whining sound, swatting at them girlishly like they were bees.  I don't know, really so I'll have to trust her.  She has just about zero french accent, so hearing her say things like "Liège" and "Point Chaud" is trop chouette for me.

She warned us her first night that she is an early riser.  She is too, and I say this being someone who regularly is up around 5am.  But you know how travel can be tiring, and how jet-lag works, and so there I was at 11am Friday morning, enjoying the quiet of the house, on my second coffee and thinking about what we should do for lunch (brunch I guess, for her.)

Her initial observations:

- The streets are narrow
- People are kinder to beggars who ask for food, she watched one score two sandwiches in Point Chaud while she waited for me to come get her.
- People here move slower, the pace of life seems a little less pressured than in North America.
- Like me, she is puzzled as to why window-screens are not a standard part of window fixtures in Belgium.  She asked me "so what, are they pro-fly?"
- Her first beer here has been Orval, and we are pleased that she likes it.

Today we are off to Paris.  I wonder how I'll fare in the car, given the slightly leaden-head I have this morning - the result of 2 bottles of wine we 3 shared over dinner and peket (a local alcohol that is delicious but traitorous,) we had after.  She seems to be excited, as she's asked me what I'm wearing there about 10 times in the past 24 hours.

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thamarai said...

Hey have fun in pAris with your mom! :)