Monday, July 26, 2010


Things are just this lately; languid.  I've felt little pressure to write (well, to blog,) and I've been enjoying my days off at my pace.  I haven't ceased to be productive, but I haven't really felt much pressure to getitalldoneinoneday.  I may have picked up, finally, a bit of the Belgian slower-pace of things, or the idea that summer is for enjoyment and repose.  Even while my mother was here the days ended up being far more restful than I'd envisioned, mind you we were both exhausted by the end, anyway.  I blame all the beer, wine, delicious food and sangria (poor dears, we were.)

So the mother-stuff, briefly:  It was lovely to have her around for a bit.  She never really did manage to master her body clock, which made the excursions fewer and closer to home, (other than the weekend in Paris,) but also made her vacation overall more relaxed I think.  Seeing her trying to soak everything in along with watching her face light up while she met the city of lights, and as we barely scratched the surface of Liège and Belgium was truly worth the trip, even if her trying to absorb as much of the experience as possible may have been quite tiring for her.  Her enthusiasm was adorable.

Though she doesn't read this (I don't think,) I'll thank her now too for the Crest White Strips.  My poor teeth have dealt rather well with my love for espresso, but they need a little outside help every year or so, what with how very much I love espresso.  I've used them before with happy results, and I'll start them as soon as we've finished the last bits of coffee in the house - the same day I'll inevitably suffer a horrible withdrawal headache, I'm sure.  I figure at the very least if I don't drink coffee during the time I'm using them, they can get right in there and do the best possible job of brightening up my teeth a bit without hindering interference from me.  I freely admit I have my vanities.  I do not need blank-page-white-teeth, but I do like them to be closer in tone to the whites of my eyes than they presently are.

I received a package the day before my mother arrived, containing both Eat, Pray, Love as well as the book written after it, Committed.  Eat, Pray, Love had been recommended to me a few times and was on the list of 'to reads', but moved up after I read a description of Committed, which was more immediately interesting to me.  I waited patiently until my mother had safely touched ground in Toronto again, and then devoured both books in 3 days.  I tend to do that with books unless they are more emotionally heavy or deeply technical, just rip right through them.  I will say that Eat, Pray, Love offers a lot to a lot of people, but they probably won't really 'get it' (the best of what the book offers) through the upcoming movie version, which I fear is doomed to be very much a 'chick-flick'.

I won't specifically recommend either book, since I think people should read them only if they find the concepts interesting to begin with, and I'm not on-fire jumping up and down about either.  The author's writing style is easy and conversational, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily compelling or profound, as some authors can be when they adopt a conversational tone.  I found that in parts of both books, we dwell a little too long on certain issues, which the author is honest about having along with her tendency to dwell on them, so fair enough I guess.  I am glad I read them, but then, both applied to me a little to begin with.  They certainly haven't wowed me like some other works I've picked up lately, but if you see an element of yourself in the ideas of either book, then I'd tell you you'll probably enjoy the read.

And now, this said and with my attentions wandering off again in my current summery lightness of mind (and my constant attention deficit,) I go back to the doings of other things.   ^_^

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Efrutik said...

Hi Jessica,

It is very good to hear from you. Glad your visit with mum went well too. It's always good to reconnect with family. Hey and white teeth are also a great thing. I am really envious of people with pearly whites, mine are not bad but I could definitely bask in happiness from having whiter teeth.

On to the books then. I borrowed "EPL" from the library about a month ago. While selfishly renewing the book I have kept it in my place for about a month and a half, and barely got through the 60 + pages of the book. If you read it in my blog, ever since I have heard about the whole book and the movie I have been so eager to read it (and can't wait for the film as well), that is is shameful that I have neglected to properly allocated time and interest to finish the book. I find it interesting and agree with your comment on the fact that if there is a personal connection that is felt (i.e. one can see themselves in the book) then it is worth the read. I plan on trying to get a copy once again before the premier of the film, which in U.S. will be opening on the 13th of August.

Keep enjoying the Belgian summer time!